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We are currently offering grab bags for lunch to comply with Welsh Government guidelines.

Year 7 and 8 Lunch Menu and Procedure, w/c APRIL 12 2021

Chartwells to produce a weekly menu sheet containing three daily options along with prices and drop a copy to each classroom on a Friday afternoon for the following week.
  • The options will always be a packed lunch option and a pasta pot option, plus one other hot option. There will be four choices of baguette (Chicken Tikka (CT), Tuna (T), Cheese (C) and Ham (H). Where a pupil selects the packed lunch option, the teacher should enter the relevant baguette choice next to the tick i.e. / (CT) if the pupil has selected a chicken tikka baguette as his/her favoured option.      
  • Between 8.50am and 9am, form teacher to ask each pupil who wants lunch to select their option and tick the relevant box. Staff MUST fill in the date at the top of the sheet. 
  • Chartwells to collect completed document for each form at 10am. This will enable any late pupils chance to select their options.
  • Chartwells will debit individual pupil accounts. If the pupil has insufficient funds, the admin team to be informed to ask parent to increase funds. If not possible, cheaper option to be provided.
  • Chartwells to prepare and drop off lunch orders in special “hot bags” 5-10 minutes before the scheduled lunch break. The completed form will also be dropped off.
  • At lunchtime, teacher to use the form to call out pupils individually to collect their order and oversee the process. Teachers will not touch / distribute the food, but will oversee that pupils collect the correct order.
  • A black bag will be dropped off by Chartwells daily for each classroom. Pupils will be asked to place all food waste and packaging in the black bag. At the end of lunch break the empty “hot bag” and black bag containing waste will be collected by Chartwells.
  • The above process requires pupils to bring their own snack(s) for break time, as there will be no access to the canteen. 

If you receive certain benefits your child may be entitled to free school meals,
please click FSM English or FSM Welsh to download the correct form or collect from the school.

Winter Term Menus

(Click on the menu below for details)

Menu Week 1 English Menu Week 2 English Menu Week 3 English

Menu Week 1 Welsh Menu Week 2 Welsh Menu Week 3 Welsh

These menus are compliant with the school food standards and we encourage students to enjoy a healthy balanced diet. Chartwells can cater to various special dietary requirements, please speak to our catering manager if you have any questions.


We define a special diet as a requirement different to the choices offered on the main menu due to an allergy or intolerance. Lifestyle choices such as vegetarianism and religious diets are not defined as a special diet as we are confident our main menu offers a variety of different foods to cater for these needs.

When a referral is received from the school/ parent regarding an allergy or intolerance, this procedure must be followed in order to ensure that we are consistent with our approach in all of our schools.

Special Diet Procedure Medical Evidence Support Form Medical Diet Request Form

Healthy Eating

All menus provide the nutrition that the students needs on a daily basis.

The Welsh Local Governement has provided these guidlines to help our students eat a healthy and balanced meal every day. Please click on the above posters to have a look for yourself.
Click here for these guidance posters in Welsh.