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Lunch Menus: April 2024 - October 2024

Lunch Menu Wk1
Week beginning: 15.04.24  / 06.05.24 / 17.06.24 / 08.07.24 / 09.09.24 / 30.09.24 / 21.10.24

Welsh Menu available on request

Lunch Menu Wk2
Week beginning: 22.04.24 / 13.05.24 / 03.06.24 / 15.07.24 / 16.09.24 / 07.10.24

Welsh Menu available on request

Lunch Menu Wk3

Week beginning: 08.04.24 / 29.04.24 / 20.05.24 / 10.06.24 / 01.07.24 / 02.09.24 / 23.09.24 / 14.10.24

Welsh Menu available on request

For a full list of prices for 2023-24 please click here for English or click here for Welsh (as agreed by Newport Contract Board and Newport City Council). If you have any questions about the menus please contact the canteen on 01633 653144.

Free School Meals and uniform grant 

Students of families in receipt of Income Support or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance are entitled to either a main meal or a selection from the snack bar service to the value of a main meal free of charge. They may also be entitled to a Year 7 school uniform grant.

You only need to complete ONE application form for both free school meals and Year 7 uniform grant.

* Applications for the new school year should arrive no later than the end of the summer term.
* Applications can be made at any time during the year if there is a change in circumstances.
* The person receiving benefit entitlement for the household MUST complete this form.

If you receive certain benefits your child may be entitled to free school meals,
please click FSM English or FSM Welsh to download the correct form or collect from the school.

How the canteen works...

The School has excellent on-site catering facilities whereby pupils can purchase breakfast before school (8.30am-8.50am), at mid-morning break (11am-11.20am) and during lunch break (1.20pm-2.00pm).

Every student is set up with an individual account. Money can be added to your child’s account on-line via Schoolcomms (our on-line payment system) or cash can be added at one of three terminals/re-valuation units located in the school canteen.  Access to your child’s account is via a biometric system (fingerprint recognition). A letter will be sent to all parents/carers seeking agreement to participate and at the beginning of the academic year, the school will organise for an account to be set via fingerprint recognition. Gel pads are located at till points and recognise a child’s unique fingerprint and calls up their unique account, these are cleaned by Chartwell’s staff on a regular basis.     

Schoolcomms enables parents and carers to pay on-line any time 24/7 and reduces the amount of cash being carried around school, as well as saving the school and Catering Partner time and money on administration.

Payments can be made by downloading a payment app. If you have a smartphone, you can download the “School Gateway”
app from the app store (Android and iPhone).

By doing this, both you and the school avoid incurring charges for text messages and future message exchanges will be FREE. It is quick and easy to do. All you need is the e-mail address and mobile phone number that the school holds on record for you.

Alternatively, you can visit the website and click on ‘new user’. You will receive a text message with a PIN number to log into School Gateway. If you experience any trouble when logging in, please contact the school on 01633 653112 and we will update your details on SIMS. Details on downloading the app are also available via our school website.


For young people affected by an allergy, intolerance or other medical dietary requirement, it is vitally important that they develop the skills they need to make safe food choices in all environments, whether at home, in school or other out-of-home settings.

At Chartwells, we believe it is important that young people recognise their responsibility to manage their dietary requirements as soon as they are able to. For many pupils, the progression into secondary education provides a welcome opportunity for this development, as they can take greater control of their diet and make their own informed choices about what, when and where to eat. Click the document for Chartwells Medical Diet Policy.

Healthy Eating

All menus provide the nutrition that the students needs on a daily basis.

The Welsh Local Governement has provided these guidlines to help our students eat a healthy and balanced meal every day. Please click on the above posters to have a look for yourself.
Click here for these guidance posters in Welsh.