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Literacy/Numeracy Tests

YEARS 7, 8 and 9, 2024

Personalised assessments in Reading and Numeracy for learners in Years 2 to 9 are statutory and available to take throughout the school year.

Dates for upcoming National Literacy and Numeracy assessments:
Thurs 20th June, Friday 21st June and Monday 24th June 2024

Chromebook Login 

School email address and password
HWB Login

E-mailed to pupil's school Outlook account during June. 
Pupils will need to store their HWB details somewhere secure but easily accessible (planner or phone), so they can login successfully a few times prior to the test.   

The purpose of the assessments is to help support progression in reading and numeracy skills.

After learners have completed these assessments, schools have access to feedback on learners’ skills, progress, age-standardised scores, and a range of reports to help plan teaching and learning.  At St Joseph’s, we also use this information to help us plan intervention strategies so that we are supporting all of our learners in the most appropriate way. 

Learners in Years 8 and 9 will sit these tests in November and again in June.  Year 7 learners have already taken their first tests, and will also participate in the June 2024 tests.  This is to enable us to track and monitor progress, and to plan strategies for the following year. 

Personalised assessments are adaptive, meaning that questions are selected based on the responses to previous questions. This provides a tailored assessment experience for each learner and will help all learners develop their skills through understanding what they can do, the things they may need to work on, and what their next steps might be.

Further guidance and from Welsh Government for parents and carers can be found here


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Whilst there isn’t anything specific learners can study in preparation for these tests, they may wish to familiarise themselves with the types of questions they could be asked.  Although recent past papers are not available due to their adaptive nature, you may find the following resources for use in any familiarisation activity:

past papers - literacy 

All papers are in Adobe PDF format. Some files are large (around 12 MB each) so we recommend a wi-fi connection for downloading them.

past papers - numeracy 

Numeracy Past Paper Kits

Our past paper kits contain all available past papers, sample papers and materials, and mark schemes for both the procedural and reasoning numeracy tests.