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Student Voice

School Council

Our St Joseph's School Council will be voted in by their peers, after introducing themselves and their passions for the school during their Year group assembly's. Students from Years 7-13 share a little about their future ambitions but also what they would like to see the school council actioning at St Joseph's over the next academic year.

Our student's voice is always a strong one, as many of our pupils are very passionate about communicating with their peers and form classes and are excited to start communicating lots of new ideas. If you are not a member of the council but have ideas or a voice you wish to share, please look out for your representative and have a chat with them.

Please see the School Council Board at the bottom of Stairwell 1 to see the information chart displaying our projects and their progress.

Having a Voice

Please see our previous councils' introduction presentation entitled 'Having a Voice'.