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Exam Results

Pupils at St Joseph’s RC High School have once again achieved outstanding success in their examinations this year despite the difficult circumstances; illustrating their resilience, enthusiasm and fantastic learning attitudes. Congratulations.

A Level Success

In what has been the most tumultuous two years for our Upper Sixth Form students, we are thrilled with their performance in the assessments and the results they achieved. They should all be justifiably proud of what they have accomplished and excited by the prospects of their next steps.  Not only this, but the growth in their resilience and determination should also be celebrated. 39% of grades were awarded at A*/A and 79% at A*-C.

These are a reflection of their work ethic and commitment to their futures. Notable individual academic success must be recognised in the following students who all achieved 2 or more A* grades: Tanish Amran, Dylan Chua, Connor Cooper, Annalisa Crolla, Codie Holland, Daria Horzela, Sultan Javed, Elena Kingston, Olivia Kingston, Mateusz Kuczynski, Leo Lai, Grace Larsen, Jelena Lazic, Zaid Mathieson, Rona Roy, and Giovanna Thomas.

We wish all of our Year 13 students every success and happiness in their next steps.

AS Results

Even though the AS results this year will not count towards the overall A Level grades, our students recognised the importance of learning and understanding the work covered so that they will be in a better position to achieve in Year 13.

In another very difficult year for these students, they have excelled in their academic and individual performance and look set to build on these results at A Level. Notable academic success includes the following students who all achieved a minimum of 3 A grades: Hannah Abraham, Francesca Barton, Nathaniel Buendia, Christopher Chan, Albert Chua, Gwen Donaldson, Maria Emmanuel, Jacob Evans, Makary Gil, Ewan Hurley, Isabelle Hurley, Glemin James, Charlotte Jones, Jonah Jones, Amelia Kunje, Ignacio Lozano Romer, Ann-Mary Lukose, Alexei Maiorov, Shannon Micallef, Niamh Middleton, Niamh Mulcahy-Jones, Luke Navarra, Peter Nunez, Danielle Paciello, Mackenzie Payne, Taomi Payne, Aniera Perry, Katie Porretta, Riya Rose Reji, Anson Sebastian, Sonu Shibu, Agnes Sunil, Rhys Thomas, Ebin Toly, Ebony Tomei-Baker, Cyril Varghese, Alessandro Vellucci-Senior, and Dylan Westerberg. We wish all our Year 12 students the very best of luck for their Year 13 studies.


We are incredibly proud of the achievements of all of our pupils, whose hard work throughout their school career earned them the GCSE success we celebrated in August. This year a staggering 39% of pupils achieved five or more A*/A grades and 75% achieved five or more A*-C grades, including English and Mathematics. We are also very proud that 99% of pupils achieved five or more A*-G grades and no pupil left without qualifications. These are truly fantastic results demonstrating excellent pupil progress and the continuing, committed partnership between home and school. An enormous well done to all our talented and conscientious pupils.

It is very important to celebrate you as excellent individuals that have collectively had a very positive impact on our school. Your commitment, passion and enthusiasm has permeated all aspects of school life and you have created a very lasting and tangible legacy. You all progress on your different pathways as kind, compassionate, charitable, and loving people that will make a positive difference in the world, and we all know there is nothing more important than that. Your talents in music, drama, sport and so many other areas are also incredible, and we hope and pray that you continue to develop and share these in your life moving forward. Individually you have all shown such grit and determination in the face of real challenges, but your excellent relationships with your friends, peers and teachers have made the real difference. Of course, we now need to celebrate the academic progress you made over the five years from Year 7 but never lose sight of the type of person you are and what you do for others, as this is the real mark of excellence.