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Exam Results

Pupils at St Joseph’s RC High School have once again achieved outstanding success in their examinations this year despite the difficult circumstances.

A Level Success

We were delighted with the continued success of our Year 13 pupils this year. In spite of uncertainty surrounding results on the actual day of publication, all of our year 13 pupils who wished to attend university have again been successfully placed. 48% of pupils have been placed at prestigious Sutton Trust 30 institutions, an increase of 6% on last year.  At every indicator our pupils achieve beyond expectations and once again we have been placed in the top 25% of post-16 providers in the UK with the ALPS system.

As all of our pupils also take the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification in addition to their A Level subjects their performance is even stronger, and this additional qualification provides pupils with many experiences, including the completion of a research project which will support their learning at university. 29% of pupils achieved 3A*-A grades, with 84% of pupils achieving 3A*-C grades. 100% of pupils achieved the Level 3 Threshold.

We are rightly very proud of these pupils and the staff who have worked with them throughout their time at St Joseph’s. There were many instances of individual success stories, including our highest achievers, Daivon Adeyemi, Molly Baria, Thomas Cowan, Emilia Godfrey, Kamran Hussain, Molly Johnson, Jessica King, Julia Nycz, Zoe Paginton, Jacob Pauly, Joseph Thompson, and Ellis Winstone, who all achieved a minimum of 2A* grades. There were also stories of individuals who through persistence and determination achieved their target grades and earned a place at the university of their choice, and a number have accepted apprenticeships with organisations or employment across South Wales and the West. As they now take the next step in their academic careers, we wish them every possible success and happiness for the future, and thank them for everything they have given to the school during their time with us.

AS Results

Once again, our Year 12 pupils have managed to bridge the gap between GCSE and A Level with a superb set of AS results, again achieved in very challenging and unusual circumstances.

There were many examples of pupils achieving above and beyond expectations and they are now well on their way in taking the first steps towards their next pathway.  Special mention must however go to the following pupils who all achieved a minimum of 3 A grades: Ellis Bailey, Dylan Chua, Thomas French, Elizabeth Goddard, Daria Horzela, Olivia Ingles, Elena Kingston, Mateusz Kuczynski, Grace Larsen, Jelena Lazic, Anntressa Mathews, Zaid Mathieson, Rhys McCartney, Jobe Pennells, Janice Prince, Rona Roy, Phoebe Sparrow, Giovanna Thomas and Madeline Wood.  

A number of our pupils have also spent time over the summer attending virtual summer schools with Oxford and Sutton Trust universities, with others undertaking online work experience, interviews, and other university courses, where they will have honed their intellectual curiosity in preparation for their final year. We would also like to congratulate all of our collaborative pupils who had great success with us at St Joseph’s, and our pupils who benefited from the opportunities and teaching offered at our partner institutions. Again, we wish them every possible success.


We are incredibly proud of the achievements of all of our pupils, whose hard work throughout their school career earned them the GCSE success we celebrated in August. This year, 75% of our pupils achieved five or more A*-C grades, including an English and Mathematics qualification. A staggering 37% of pupils achieved five or more A*/A grades and 99% of pupils achieved five or more A*-G grades. These are truly fantastic results and demonstrate the continuing, committed partnership between home and school. An enormous well done to all our talented and conscientious pupils.