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Introducing our new School Council

Student voice is a very important part of life at St Joseph’s RC High School and has for many years helped the school to move forward in creating a positive and vibrant learning environment and culture.

At the beginning of this term students elected their peers who, they felt, would best represent them on our School Council. Congratulations to Sixth Form Bethan Phillips and Patrick Quinn; Year 11 Curtis Dada and Phoebe White; Year 10 Connor Morris and Kate Harrison; Year 9 Rhys Reynolds and Steffi Johnston; Year 8 Shireen Balouch and Owen Burton; and finally Year 7 Callum Penn and Kitty McHugh.

The School Council have now taken part in an intensive one day training programme that introduced them to leadership and management styles and helped them to reflect on what it meant to work as part of a team. During the Spring term the School Council will be supporting the staff in their understanding of what it means to be an inspiring teacher and deliver a great lesson.