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Helpwr Y Tymor!

Dedication and hard work to the Welsh language rewarded

Our Cyngor Cymreig has kick-started the Helpwr Y Tymore again this year.

One member of each form is picked especially for their hard work and continued dedication to the Welsh language. Each member fulfils their duties for a half term and then a new member is chosen.


  • Encourage the use of Welsh around the school
  • Encourage pupils and teachers to use more Welsh in lessons
  • Help make Welsh more simple and easy to use for the teachers

"Since having the helpwr hanner tymor there is so much more Welsh being used around the school"
Year 8 pupil

"I never really knew a lot of words in Welsh so I didn't use them during my lesson, but with the help of the helpwr hanner tymor I now know what I am doing and use Welsh all the time" Science teacher

Could you be the next Helpwr Y Tymor?