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School Comms

Our Parental Pay and Communication System 'Schools Comms' allows parents/carers to make online payments for school meals, school trips and music tuition.

• You can top up your child's/children's dinner card and view their balance(s) at any time, 24/7

• Notifications and payment details for new school trips, music tuition or events will be sent via text message or email, together with on-line payment information

• The school will communicate important information regarding your child's/children's progress

Downloading the App

If you have a smartphone, both you and the school will save money when you download the 'School Gateway' app from the app store (Android and iPhone). By doing this, we avoid incurring text message charges and future message exchanges will be FREE.

It is quick and easy to do...

1. Download 'School Gateway' from the app store on your smartphone

2. Type in your email address and mobile phone number (PIN)
(If an error message appears, check the spelling of your address/number...if they are correct then is means we do not have your details on our system. Call 01633 653112 and give us these details. Allow time for the systems to update and start the process again).

3. You can alternatively visit and follow the same instructions for 'existing user'.

4. You will be immediately sent a PIN number to your registered mobile phone number.

5. Use your email address and this PIN number to login to the School Gateway app to see relevant text messages from the school, your child's trip payments and lunch money balances.