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Measles - OCT 2019

Dear parents/carers

Public Health Wales are now aware of 3 confirmed cases of measles in South East Wales:  1 confirmed case in Caerphilly; 1 confirmed case in Newport and 1 confirmed case of measles in Cardiff.

The Caerphilly case is a child too young to have been offered MMR. Both adult cases (in Cardiff and Newport) were in unvaccinated individuals. There is no connection between the child case and the adult cases. All three cases seem to be linked to travel to areas of the world where measles cases have been reported. There is no outbreak in Wales at present.

The incubation period for measles can be up to 21 days, and we may see individuals of any age presenting to primary or secondary healthcare settings as a result of contact with these cases. We may also see other unconnected cases of measles in people having returned from vacations in other parts of the UK, or worldwide.

We would be grateful if you could please be vigilant for the signs and symptoms of measles. If you suspect you or your child may have measles, please contact your GP or GP OOH team or hospital by phone (in the first instance) so that appropriate infection control measures can be put in place when you arrive at your appointment to limit the chances of spreading infection to other people.  

It is also a good opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of being protected against measles by having a full course of MMR vaccines (2 vaccinations). Children normally receive MMR1 just after their first birthday, and MMR2 at around 3years 4 months of age. There is no need for anyone to receive their MMR vaccine early, but we would encourage everyone to have their vaccination when it is offered. If people are unsure if they or their child have received MMR, they can check their child health record (“red book”) or ask their parents or general practice.  

With many thanks for your assistance,

Dr Rhianwen Stiff
Consultant in Communicable Disease Control / Ymgynghorydd Atal Clefydau Trosglwyddadwy